Relocation Voter Registration


Voter Registration

After moving, you might need to file a change of address, update your car registration, get your MS license, and register to vote. Getting chummy with the neighbors might also be a swell idea too. Here are a few helpful tips.

To Qualify as a Voter...

·     Must be 18 year of age (those who will turn 18 by the General Election in November may note in the primaries)

·     Must be registered to vote at least 30 days prior to the election


How to Register

A Voter Registration form may be obtained from:

·    Download a Voter Registration Form

·     County Courthouse (Circuit Clerk's Office)

·     By Mail (request an application be mailed to you by the Circuit Clerk's Office)

·     High Schools (The Circuit Clerk visits High Schools and distributes applications)

·     Any Local Library


Registration Deadline
The Voter Registration Application must be delivered to your Registrar or postmarked (if mailed) at least 30 days prior to the election. The Circuit Clerk is George County's Registrar.

The following information is a brief overview for voters and potential voters. More information about voting and elections can be found on the Mississippi Secretary of State Website